Our Team

Amputee Casualty Simulation

Casualty Resources was started to provide Amputee Casualty Simulation to the Military and Emergency Services.
Looking at the way the world is we feel that our service is now crucial to not just the Military but also the Police, Ambulance, USAR, HART and Fire & Rescue services.

We set out the company to supply

  • Highly professional Amputee Actors for trauma training
  • First class SFX make-up and make-up artists
  • Help the medics learn to deal with severe injuries
  • Amputees and SFX artists a fun & interesting place to work
  • A service that is both worthwhile and hugely beneficial

With the high level of service and professionalism we expect for our staff you can be sure that your Amputee Casualty Simulation requirements are safe in our hands.

We have a large team spread all over the UK. Collectively there are years of experience with every team that we send out for your training.

Our Amputee actors have a variety of personal experiences in trauma and stressful environments either first hand in their own pasts or from the training scenario's they've taken part in.

Our SFX make-up artists are second to none, each artist bringing their own flair and personality with them.

All have a fantastic eye for detail when it comes to making our injuries look AS REAL AS IT GETS!

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or requirements you have.