"So realistic, I thought the injuries really did happen..."

My time anCasualty Resources works with United States Navyd experience with Casualty Resources greatly enhanced my training experience. I was participating in an intense medical training course in which the casualties were played by staff from Casualty Resources. The manner in which they performed as casualties made the course so realistic that at times I thought the injuries really did happen and were real.

The crew showed passion and motivation during the scenarios so that the medics going through the rigorous course may build confidence and knowledge on how to treat a real casualty on the battlefield. These skills are paramount for our job and safety of our teammates. Casualty Resources went above and beyond expectations and I would gladly work with them again.

Pete M.Special Operations Independent Duty Corpsman


"They are a great team and a pleasure to work with....."Casualty Resources works with Kent Sussex Surrey Air Ambulance

Casualty Resources support our medical training exercises.

Reliable, efficient and very realistic, they have helped us to develop our simulation training programme for new Doctors and Paramedics.

Dr Emily McWhirter Director of Governance | Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance


"A very high standard of professionalism....."

Casualty Resources works with Devon Somerset Fire Rescue ServiceI worked with the Casualty Resources team for the first time at my workplace. We were hosting a multi inter-agency training exercise involving many varied scenarios.

The agencies involved were several Fire Services Urban Search and Rescue Teams, the Police and Ambulance Services, including each Service’s Control Centres and Support Staff.

 The way they stayed in total character, in damp, cold and awkward positioning, both visually and verbally, throughout the whole exercise period was superb, allowing the emergency services to experience and react accordingly.

A large amount of research by the Casualty Simulation Team was very evident.

They were open, friendly and willing to help with any specific needs that I required.

The Casualty Simulation Team also consisted of make up artists and clothing scenario experts whose work was to a very high professional standard.

I look forward, and would be delighted, to be working with them again in the future.

Tracey Cann | Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service