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Casualty Resources  provides professional casualty simulation training (CAS SIM) and amputee actors for the treatment of trauma patients during Military & Emergency Services training.

In addition we also provide actors for roles in the TV and Film industry.

Casualty Simulation Training Road Traffic Accident

Because our amputee actors are experienced and trained to simulate dramatic medical scenarios, we therefore test your medical personnel to their limits. Due to this we have time and again been commended for the great work that we do.

Consequently we know that Casualty simulation or CAS SIM works due to the great feedback we receive and the demand for more.

Train Real, Save Lives!

As a result of the quality of our realistic casualty simulation we have helped various Military organisations in treating severe to life threatening injuries in varied battlefield scenarios.

Hence we are involved in Military training exercises that are carried out worldwide in situations that are as close to real life as they can be, especially relevant with the increased threat from global terrorism.

Casualty Simulation Training Military

Most noteworthy is our work with the Military and Emergency Services including the Police, Ambulance and HART teams, Fire & Rescue, USAR. Furthermore we assist the public sector in extreme Health & Safety training because the best training is the most realistic.

Taking in to account all current security threats both domestic and international , Casualty Simulation training is becoming more and more crucial to the medical staff who will experience it in their careers.

Life saving is paramount - therefore the realism we offer comes no closer.

what we offer


Experienced Casualty Simulation & Amputee Actors to enhance your training.


SFX & Prosthetic Make-up Artists with Film, TV and Casualty Simulation experience.


Industry leading realism for Casualty Simulation training.


Military, Police, Ambulance and Fire & Rescue Training.


Consultancy and Training Simulation services.


Unique prosthetic module training.


First hand trauma experiences.


A professional, adaptable & global service to suit your needs.