Emergency Services

Paramedic Emergency Services Casualty Simulation Training We have a lot of experience within the public sector. We've been involved in Emergency Services Casualty Simulation Training that has involved a multi-service effort to make these events as realistic as possible. Below is a list of just some of the services & departments worked with.
  • The Ambulance Service

  • The Police

  • Numerous Fire & Rescue Teams from all over the UK

  • Various HART Teams

  • The Fire Service

  • USAR from across the UK

We've also participated in many search & rescue operations and are able to drawn on what we've learned and can use these for 'motivation' in your exercises. These can range from a simple pedestrian & 1 vehicle RTC to multi vehicle pile up right up to a crashed aircraft or a building collapse due to an earthquake,Emergency Services Casualty Simulation Training is what we do.

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