Military Casualty Simulation Training

Military Casualty Simulation Training Shrapnel

Amputee actors have been used for Military Casualty Simulation Training for many years now and the benefits are showing more than ever.

In the past when troops were injured it was apparent that tourniquets weren't being applied properly, catastrophic haemorrhaging wasn't correctly checked and patients were bleeding out.

Fast forward to the introduction of professional amputee role-players and lives are being saved.

Life over limb has never been more apt. Feedback from medics who have used Amputee actors and then had to treat a casualty for real in combat and have done nothing but praise the importance their training had.

We will supply personnel for your Military Casualty Simulation Training that suits your needs. We have amputee actors of military age to portray troops and of a wider age bracket to which could be used as civilian population, local security forces and enemy.

Our team will also have a SFX make-up artist providing accurate wounds at top level realism and high durability.


Military Casualty Simulation Training IED Blast

Here are a few of the more common injuries we simulate.

  • Traumatic Amputation, both lower and upper limb

  • Improvised Explosive Device (IED) blast

  • Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG)

  • Gunshot Wound (GSW)

  • Shrapnel

  • Sucking chest wound

  • Packing wound

  • Torture injuries

  • RTC injuries