What we offer

Realistic Casualty Simulation & Amputee Actors

Casualty Resources provides experienced realistic Casualty Simulation actors with vast experience in a variety of trauma roles.

Therefore if its a military casualty on the battlefield or a civilian injury we have the right actor(s) for you.

Drawing from real life experiences and simulated trauma situations we provide the most realistic performances for your training purposes.

Realistic Casualty Simulation

SFX Make-Up & 

Our Special Effects make-up artists are hugely talented and experienced, our prosthesis are handmade, realistic and robust enough for multiple uses in challenging environments.

An array of differing injuries are available, from head and facial wounds, burns, abdominal and chest injuries as well as amputations.

Consequently only the best quality SFX products and materials are used, providing industry leading levels of realism.

We provide the Amputee Actors, SFX Artists and support for whatever training scenario you require.

In conclusion you can describe Casualty Resources as your sole resource for realistic Casualty Simulation.

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